What is Tales of Iron?

Tales of Iron is a collaborative web resources for Ironsworn, the free to download table-top RPG by Shawn Tomkin.

Every registered user can:

  • add Assets to the online asset repository
  • create Characters and publish their adventures by attaching posts to their characters
  • create Denizens (foes, NPC, etc.) from the Ironlands or Delve
  • create original Settlements located in the Ironlands

It’s all wordpress based, so it’s very easy to use and widespread.

Register to start building your adventures!

How to create new asset or enrich the asset repository?

In the admin section go to the Assets page then clic Add New. Fill in the asset but don’t attach it to any character. Instead, send a message to the website owner (or ping @Arcane on the Ironsworn Discord). The website owner will then add a copy of your asset to the Template Character repository so that anyone could use it.

If you want to add icons, we suggest you use game-icons and pick the one you like for your asset. In order to remain compatible with the overall Ironsworn graphical chart, please use gradiant plain #404041 as background color for your round-shaped icons.

The “Official” field allows you to select whether the asset you’re adding is official (sanctionned by Shawn Tomkin) or fan-based.

You can easily copy an existing, official asset by cloning it and changing what needs to be changed.

How to display your settlement on the Map of settlements?

So you’ve created a nice settlement and would like to display it on the common map of settlements? Open the map of settlements page and open your borwser’s inspector on the Console tab (usually by right clicking the page). Next, locate the pin that is on the compass: you can drag and drop it on any spot on the map. This will display coordinates in your console tab.

Copy/Paste the last set of coordinates and send them to the website owner (or ping @Arcane on the Ironsworn Discord) along with the link to your settlement’s page. The settlement will be added to the map.