Frost and Denua began smashing the gates with their hammers. Guards could be heard shouting. The gates were soon on the ground and the ferocious giants ran through with the broken close behind.

Mark Progress on vow: Storming Blackbridge’s gate

Scene Challenge (attempt 2)

Face Danger: weak hit. (-1 supply) Mark progress and countdown

Ten guards stood in two rows with a pair of giants behind them. Frost and Denua engaged them without pause and immediately killed two of the warriors. The broken ran to join the fray. Tristan unbuckled his sword and handed it to an empty-handed broken woman, who wielded it deftly. Tristan and Willa exchanged a glance and began to run for the armory on the other end of town.

Face danger: weak hit: (-1 stress) Mark progress and countdown

Blackbridge was in chaos. Some of the buildings were ablaze and many fought the flames with buckets of water. Broken men and women were chased by guards and giants as they set fires and defended themselves. Soldiers surrounded a group of broken kneeling in the middle of the road. They began to hack at them with their swords. Tristan moved to stop them and had to be pulled away by Willa. 

Face Danger: strong hit: (+1 momentum)

They arrived at the armory and found a group of soldiers attempting to knock down the door. 

More than 6 (50/50): yes

Secure an advantage: miss. Mark countdown

Before Tristan and Willa could find another way into the building, one of the guards pounding on the door turned to them and charged.

Enter the Fray: weak hit (take initiative) 

“Willa! Go and find a way to get to Maya and the others. I’ll try to hold them off.”

“How!?” she asked. Tristan pushed her away and she ran in between two buildings and vanished from sight.

Strike: weak hit ( inflict and lose initiative)

The soldier raised his sword and Tristan punched him before he could strike. The soldier shook off the hit and with a grin attacked. 

Clash: weak hit (inflict) 

Pay the price:58

Tristan sidestepped the guard’s sword and hit him with another jab to the face. The guard knocked Tristan down with his shoulder and stood over him.

Clash: miss (-2 health)

Endure harm: weak hit (press on)

The sword pierced Tristan’s stomach and he cried out as the blade pinned him to the ground. The guard stood over him grinning.

Has Willa made it to Maya (50/50): 25: no

Is she dead (50/50): 15: no

Are Frost and Denua and the other broken near (unlikely): 46: no

Tristan’s focus blurred as the battle raged around them. The anger-filled eyes of his foe roused him and he felt strength return to his limbs.

Turn the Tide: Strike: Strong hit w/ opportunity 

A roar grew deep in Tristan’s chest and he gripped the sword and began pulling it out of him. The soldier resisted, but a kick from Tristan sent him stumbling backward. Tristan removed the sword with a yell and stood wielding the blooding weapon. 

End the fight: strong hit 

The soldier stared at Tristan in shock as the sword sliced through his neck – his head rolled on the ground frozen in the fearful expression. Tristan stood for a moment and turned to face the guards outside of the armory. They had ceased pounding on the door and now turned their attention to him. Tristan roared mightily and braced himself for the guard’s attack.

Secure an advantage (heart): miss

Pay the price: 12

Tristan saw that Frost and Denua led by fighting broken men and women were approaching. Emboldened by the sight of his comrades, Tristan let out a shout. When the soldiers before him seemed unaffected, Tristan turned to find another group of warriors and a giant battling his reinforcements. Tristan quickly decided that he needed to find Willa.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 momentum)

The scene challenge countdown is full. Roll to resolve: weak hit

Tristan hobbled his way between the two buildings that Willa had snuck through moments earlier. The guards followed, and soon he found himself trapped searching for an escape. Night had fallen by this time and Tristan’s enemies were masked in shadow and lit only by the glow of the fires around them. Tristan held the sword in one hand and his wound in the other prepared to fight – prepared to die.

One of the guards lunged forward just as a loud explosion shook the town. The building beside them burst into splinters, sending Tristan and the guards flying. 

Endure harm (-2 health, but Tristan is at 0, so -2 momentum): miss, complication: maimed

Tristan laid on the ground unable to stand. He began to laugh, thinking about the last few days. He’d almost completely forgotten about his life in Pria. Now, he lay dying for his people – for the family he didn’t know he had until recently. The pain in his body seemed to recede as Tristan slipped into darkness.

Fulfill vow to destroy Rock Rock and Blackbridge: weak hit (3 exp.)


Forge a bond: strong hit (+1 spirit)

Sojourn: strong hit, opportunity: equip (+1 supply, remove unprepared), Recuperate 2x (+4 health)

Time moved hazily for Tristan. He felt his body lift from the dirt and saw the people around him like shadows. Voices spoke hurriedly and with urgency – then blackness. 

Tristan awoke to figures standing all around him. They were arguing and he heard someone say Brokenhome. He raised an arm to interject……

The smell of herbs overwhelmed him. His face and body felt cool and tingled under the torn shirts and cloaks he wore as bandages. He laid in a makeshift pallet. Willa sat beside him silently watching the first drops of rainfall from grey clouds. She looked at him and smiled warmly. 

Tristan jerked upright and Maya let out a surprised gasp. She placed a moist cloth to his forehead and coaxed him onto his back. He closed his eyes enjoying the cold feeling on his head. And spoke without opening them.

“Where are we?” His voice rasped in his throat.

We’re still in the Tempest Hills. Though many wanted to continue the fight, others thought it best to go home.” 

“Which side were you on? The fight or leave?”

Maya laughed softly. “We will fight, it will just have to be another day.” 

Tristan raised a hand to his face. Herb scented rags covered the right side from chin to temple. Maya suddenly lowered his hand.

“It’s been 3 days since Blackbridge. We detonated several casks of oil that we set around the town. Unfortunately one of them caught you in its blast, and….” Maya trailed off and averted her gaze. “It is lucky that your eyes were not scarred, but your face and much of your body will always bear the marks of that battle. You must be hungry.”

Tristan suddenly felt very hungry and Maya went to get him some food. They were in a small plain surrounded by a thicket of short trees. Broken men and women sat in clusters talking and eating – others mended wounds or sat silently. Tristan was happy to see the giants Frost and Denua standing at the edge of the clearing as if keeping watch. Willa, who sat with her partner, waved. Many who made eye contact with him bore expressions of pity. 

“We’ll be moving on in the morning.” Maya handed him a bowl of steaming broth. “With this many people we don’t move too quickly, besides your horse is with us, so you’ll be able to keep up, and the mixture I’ve put on your bandages seems to be working.”

Tristan sipped the broth. His skin ached, but it must’ve been Maya’s adept healing that kept searing pain at bay. 

“So I’ll be disfigured.” He said.

“No,” Maya replied with a grin. “You are disfigured.”

Tristan laughed and took another sip of the broth. Though it was thin and bland, it brought Tristan much-needed comfort.