Enter the Fray: strong hit (+2 momentum)

The three slaver giants prepared for the incoming attack. Frost slammed his shoulder into the chest of the sword-wielding giant, sending him stumbling backward. He then raised his hammer at the female giant holding a whip. She sidestepped his attack and they continued to battle. Tristan guided his band towards the male whip wielder and made a slash at his legs.

Strike: weak hit  (inflict +2 harm, lose initiative)

Blood oozed from the gash in the giant’s leg and he groaned angrily. 

Combat oracle: 24

The giant threw down his whip and unslung the ax hidden behind his back. Tristan called for the broken to fall back.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 spirit)

Endure stress: miss (-1 momentum)

Tristan and most of the broken were able to escape the giant’s attack. One man hit the giant fecklessly with his chain and met his end with the axe’s sharp blade. Frost used the handle of his hammer to pull his foes whip from her hands. Behind them, Willa and her companions had begun to set fire to the buildings and were now coming for the tents, with a pair of giants chasing behind them. Tristan and the broken continued to try and evade the charging giant’s attacks.

 Face danger: weak hit (-1 momentum)

The giant’s ax missed its targets, but they soon found themselves penned into a tent. Tristan raised his sword, prepared to deal with the next blow.

Clash: weak hit (inflict +2 harm)

Pay the price: 33

Tristan deflected the giant’s attack and cut him across his hand. The giant reared back in anger. Flames began to eat the tent around them and Tristan and the broken began to panic. The giant grinned.

Clash: weak hit (inflict +2 harm)

The broken and Tristan avoided the incoming blow and hacked and swung at the giant with their weapons. Smoke wafted through Rock Rock and Tristan could barely make out the figures of Frost and the others in the haze. They would have to escape the tent.

“Run for it!” he shouted.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 harm)

Tristan led the broken out of the tent and into the center of the village. A coughing fit wracked his chest and his ribs shot pain through his body. The broken surrounded him as he doubled over. The giant charged them.

Clash: Strong hit (inflict +2 harm, take initiative, +1 momentum)

The broken charged with their chains held between them and low to the ground. They caught the giant below his knees and sent him down into the dirt. Tristan raised his sword above his head.

End the fight: weak hit (others won’t forget)

Tristan sheathed his sword in the giant’s temple. The giant went limp and the broken gave a cheer. Frost and his foes paused in their fighting and the giants chasing Willa and the others let out an enraged shout. Willa’s group joined Tristan’s as the giants ran to engage them. 

Going to try a scene challenge for the first time. We’ll see how this goes.

The broken turned to Tristan and Willa for guidance. Fear shown in their eyes, but they were resolved to fight. Tristan looked at the dead giant before them and instructed the broken with chains to prepare to trip incoming giants.

Secure an advantage (wit): weak hit (+1 momentum) Mark progress and countdown

The two giants fighting Frost reached them first. The giant with the sword was caught in their trap and fell to the ground with a sharp cry. The broken prepared to attack him when a whip cracked over their heads scattering their attempt. The female giant stood near a tent engulfed in flames. Willa tugged on Tristan’s tunic and pointed at the tent. Tristan immediately understood her intent.

Face Danger (shadow): strong hit (+1 momentum) Mark progress

As the broken men and woman dodged the giant’s attacks, Tristan and Willa made their way to the backside of the burning tent. Together they pushed the structure forward and it’s burnt supports snapped easily. The giant was covered in burning canvas and wood. She screamed as the burning wreckage piled atop her, and before she could get up, Frost smashed her head with his hammer. The approaching giants paused for a moment and the three of them glared menacingly at Frost before advancing. One of the giants ran forward, his sights on Frost, while another came for them.

“The chains!” shouted Tristan.

Secure an advantage (wits): Miss. Pay the price: 24

The chains were held tautly, but the first charging giant ran through them, yanking the chain out of the brokens’ hands. He attacked Frost with his ax, but Frost deftly parried his blows. The broken now stood weaponless against the next giant. Tristan looked around for any weapon or tool that could help them.

Secure an advantage: (wits) weak hit (+1 momentum)

Beside the bludgeoned burning giant lay her whip. Tristan pointed at it and the broken immediately moved to grab it, the giant on their heels. Tristan ran to join them and together they charged the giant.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 momentum)

The giant caught in the whip fell and began thrashing, keeping Tristan and the broken at bay.

Has Frost defeated his enemy?: 50/50: 26: no

Is the other giant a friend?: 50/50: 99: Yes

Tristan looked at the motionless giant who stood apprehensively watching the battle. The flames were almost done consuming Rock Rock’s tents and buildings; the wind churned the smoke around everyone. Tristan shouted to the giant:

“If you’re waiting to choose aside, I believe now is the time to make that choice.”

Secure an advantage (heart): miss. Burn momentum: weak hit (+1 momentum)

Mark progress on vow: all of Rock Rock burning

The giant shook himself into motion and with a mighty growl began to hack at the prone giant. Blood splattered the broken men and women who paused momentarily. Tristan raised his sword above his head and with a loud cry led them towards the final giant. With their whip in hand, they charged to trip him.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 momentum) 

Resolve scene challenge: complication

Now confident and skilled in their method, they were able to bring down the last giant, who soon lay still in the dirt beneath Frost’s and the other giant’s blows. Though all their enemies were dead, there was no time to celebrate. The fires surrounded them and a clear route out was unclear. They huddled together and all waited for Willa and Tristan to lead them.

Mark progress on vow: all giants in rock rock dead

Is the horse and wagon still there?: Unlikely: 29 no

Their new giant friend waved them forward and they followed him as he ran. Tristan and Frost ran behind the group.

Face danger: weak hit (-1 health)

Tristan’s lungs now burned from the smoke and he stumbled. Frost picked him up and carried him to the edge of the town. They ran until they were in the moor and watched the flames and smoke in silence.

“They will probably see this smoke in Blackbridge,” said Frost as he placed Tristan back on his feet. “They might be expecting trouble from this way.”

Tristan knew he was right. 

Mark progress on vow: Rock Rock destroyed


It was late evening when Blackbridge came into view. Frost and his giant companion – who Tristan discovered was named Denua – lead the way. The broken were nervous but emboldened by their victory in Rock Rock. Tristan and Willa walked behind the giants and whispered to each other.

“Willa, I don’t know how we’re going to conquer Blackbridge. It’s bigger than Rock Rock and heavily guarded.” Tristan held his hand to his aching ribs. Willa responded with a solemn head nod, but her eyes told him what she meant: they had no choice but to fight. 

Did Maya have a plan for when they returned (likely): 75: yes

Theme:44 faction Action:81 defend

Frost and Denua led them to the long bridge into town, and they all stood and looked at the closed gates of Blackbridge. Shouts could be heard from inside and plumes of smoke rose from behind the gates. 

“If things are going to plan, Maya is holed up in the armory,” Frost spoke as he took his hammer off his back. “One of you will have to run to the armory and let her know we’re here. The others will fight.”

Tristan turned to Willa and the others and found himself speechless. 

“I say Tristan and I run for it, while you all fight. Know that you are fightin for our people.” The strength of Willa’s voice shocked Tristan. She lowered it and spoke to him as the broken cheered and charged the gates. “If one of us falls, da otha keep movin.” 

Are there 12 people on the gates (50/50): 88: yes

Frost and Denua began smashing the gates with their hammers. Guards could be heard shouting. The gates were soon on the ground and Frost and Denua ran through with everyone on their heels.

Mark Progress on vow: Storming Blackbridge’s gate