I was hanging with my friends Shona and Jihan in between two hunts when we hear about the shipwreck. A big merchant vessel of this size wrecking on the coast is quite an event so we decided to get some info about it.

We met Bragg at the militia’s barrack and after a talk agreed that we have a look ver there.

She shipwreck wasn’t far but it starts raining pretty hard and if we were still on a low tide, it wasn’t for long.

We climb on the shipwreck with difficulties and search it. We found very weird mark of claws on the pools and blood marks as if someone had been cutthroat.

At some point Jihan noticed the crows flying around the vigie. I climb there and found a boy dying of hunger and thirst. It wasn’t easy to get him down, the weather was getting worse and the high tide was almost there.

After few more effort we reach the land and bring the boy to the Red Watch. When he got better we learned that the boat was suddenly taken in an unexpected storm. But it was no normal storm, it had eyes and a voice, it was asking for sacrifices ! Few jumps in the water when the ones who stayed were slaughtered by the wind like blades.

It was so similar to my experience when my village burned, it was a primordial, it must be.