This is based on my first ever Ironsworn session with a family member. We just picked a basic one-shot-type mission to try it out.

The Truths

  • The Skulde drove us from our land
  • Mysterious metal pillars dot the land
  • The broken are a nomadic tribal society but not feral (still considered “savage” by Ironlanders); There are ruins left by an ancient people who were here long before anyone else.
  • Settlements are part of circles, which sometimes trade and feud with each other
  • Each community has an overseer and every 7th spring they are reaffirmed or replaced
  • Smaller settlements stand together to face enemies; larger ones have wardens
  • Magic is rare but powerful; only a few can wield; common folk often know a ritual or two
  • There is little faith; a few mumble prayers out of habit
  • Firstborn live in isolation, fiercely protective of their own
  • Monstrous beasts stalk the wild areas of the Ironlands.
  • Horrors exist but are very rare

Player Characters

Twins Fanir & Mennah of Frostead:


Male, 20yo; Swordmaster, Blade Bound, Hound
Edge 1 / Heart 2 / Iron 3 / Shadow 1 / Wits 2
Bonds (3): Kin-Blade, Mennah, Frostead


Female, 20yo; Slinger, Herbalist, Alchemist
Edge 3 / Heart 1 / Iron 1 / Shadow 2 / Wits 2
Bonds (3): Fanir, Frostead, Kione (Village Herbalist)

Note: For age we each rolled 2D6+15 and got 20 so we made them twins!


Frostead, a small village in a valley of the Hinterlands. Some keep a few small farm animals and small vegetable gardens but much of the inhabitants’ livelihoods revolve around hunting and gathering or mining iron ore. The ore is traded to villages in the Havens for grains like oats and wheat, and other supplies.

Inciting Incident

A few chickens went missing a week ago and now it’s happened again. Being autumn, we can’t afford to lose anymore if we don’t want to go a little hungry through the harsh winter.