Previously, Fanir and Mennah, twins from Frostead, chased an unknown person who has twice stolen chickens from their settlement. After finding the culprit and solving the problem, they prepare to head home.

Returning Home

[Undertake a Journey: Miss, Pay the Price]

The foursome head west but not the way they had come. Instead, they head for a lower ridge farther south of Frostead than the original pass they used. They figured this would be easier for Chenda, and would allow more time for Themon to go on his hunt after the hardest part of the trek was over. In the late afternoon, the group had spread out some, with Chenda lagging behind and her father only slightly ahead of her. Suddenly Chenda screams, breaking the reveries of the others ahead. They turn to see a young verdant wyvern attempting to grab ahold of Chenda by the shoulders. Themon lets loose a quick shot with his bow, nicking one of the wyvern’s leg causing it to let go of her and change its focus to the new threat.

[Enter the Fray (Mennah): Strong]
(Slinger +2 Harm)

As soon as she hears the scream she grabs a smooth river stone from the pouch on her hip and places it in the cradle of her sling (which she always keeps at the ready). She does two quick swings overhead and lets go of the knot at the right moment. The ammo flies through the air and hits the wyvern right on its jaw. The wyvern shakes his head and looks a little stunned. Themon uses this opportunity to grab Chenda’s arm and pull her toward a copse near the twins for safety. Seeing the two fleeing gets the wyvern’s attention and it pumps its wings a couple times to gain height before swooping in toward them.

[Enter the Fray (Fanir): Strong]
[Strike (Fanir): Strong (via Burn Momentum)]

Fanir sees his opportunity and rushes the wyvern. He makes two quick slashes on the wyvern’s side as soon as it gets low enough, causing blood to gush from the flying menace. The wyvern screeches and turns away from his prey, attempting to gain height and avoid crashing into the trees. However, he quickly weakens and lands clumsily on the ground, sliding to a halt.

[Strike (Mennah): Strong (via Burn Momentum)]

Meanwhile, Mennah had grabbed another stone and was swinging it overhead. When she sees the wyvern come to a stop she has a perfect target. She releases and it hits right above the wyvern’s right eye. The creature is clearly stunned and weak, a puddle of blood growing underneath.

[End the Fight: Strong]

Fanir raises Elgier for another slash, this time at the wyvern’s neck, but before he strikes, the wyvern slumps over dead. He lowers his kin-blade and breathes out audibly, releasing his pent up tension. Mennah cheers in relief and runs over to Themon and Chenda to make sure they are all right. Chenda has a few scratches but no one is seriously injured. By this time it was afternoon and, as tired as they were from traveling and fighting, they decided to go on. It would not be good to hang around a dead animal which might attract dangerous scavengers.

[Make Camp: Strong]

After hiking for an hour the party decides to make camp and take stock of supplies. Mennah checks Chenda’s scratches and determines they are only superficial and they should heal nicely on their own.

[Undertake a Journey: Strong]

In the morning, the foursome splits up; Themon goes hunting in order to fulfill his vow while the rest continue the trek toward Frostead. This time, especially since there was less hurry, they moved slower and made sure to stick close together. They arrive at the campsite where the twins originally found the footprints leading east over the ridge, and wait for Themon.

[Ask the Oracle to Determine outcome of Themon’s hunting]

Toward late afternoon with the sun just above the western ridge, Themon returned looking dejected. He sets down his pack, unties two rabbits and hands them over to Mennah, who is sitting nearest to him.

“I’m sorry, I thought I would do better but this is what I got. It doesn’t replace the four chickens I stole, but I promise I will fulfill this vow. As soon as I have more, I will leave a sign for you on the big fir tree outside your village. Head down the path and I will be there to meet with you.”

Fanir nods agreement and they all set up camp together one last time.

[Make Camp: Weak]

Despite their exhaustion, no one sleeps well, but they do get some. In the morning, Mennah and Fanir discuss Themon’s vow. Their instincts tell them to trust and forgive. They approach the hunter and his daughter and Fanir says, “You have been through much and we have also along with you. We accept the rabbits as fulfillment of your vow and ask for your everlasting friendship. May the gods let us meet again, but under better circumstances. If you are nearby or need help, leave your sign.”

[Forge a Bond: Strong]

“You are too kind, and we will be forever grateful. Though you clear my vow, I wish to make good on it, as a token of our newfound friendship. May you finish your journey home in safety and we will see you again soon.”

[Undertake a Journey: Weak]
[Reach Your Destination: Strong]

The twins head home, joyful that they’ve completed their mission. The events of the previous day leave them hungrier than usual and they end up eating more than they intend. Finally they arrive home. A few who know why they’ve been gone approach to welcome them back and ask how things went. After giving quick accounts, they drop their travel packs off at home and then take the rabbits to the kitchens so they can be used before they spoil.

[Fulfill Your Vow: Strong]

Afterward, Mennah and Fanir make their way to the Overseer’s hut. Jebran waves them through after greeting them warmly and asking about their welfare. They bow their heads briefly in deferential greeting before Overseer Mira, and proceed to let her know the problem has been resolved. Per Themon’s request, they tell her all about their adventures but withhold his name, calling him “Kynan” instead.

The End