A Vow is Made

Bang! Bang! Bang! Mennah and Fanir are aroused by someone knocking on the door of their stone hut.

“What now? Did someone steal the carrots too?” Her twin brother, Fanir, sleepily asks.

To Fanir she says, “I’ll go find out; be right back.”

“Be right there!” she yells to the unknown person outside as she swiftly gets up and puts on some outer clothes. Around her neck is a leather cord with an iron amulet on which is the snowflake emblem of Frostead. When a child turns 16 and chooses to Forge a Bond with their community, they are given one of these. Each village has their own emblem.

At the door is Jebran, the village Warden. Before he can speak Mennah calls Fanir, who is training under Jebran in sword fighting.

“No, Mennah. I’m here because more chickens have been stolen and Overseer Mira asked me to check everyone’s hut. I know it can’t be either of you but I have to check…”

Sadly, Fanir isn’t far off in his sarcastic guess as to the trouble that has arisen. He dresses and grabs his kin-blade, Elgier. “Can I help?”

*  *  *

Houses have been searched but no Frosteader is found to have betrayed the community. Fanir and Mennah have joined with Jebran in a meeting with Overseer Mira to discuss next steps.

“Fanir, Mennah, this can’t go on, not with winter coming. Can you investigate this further? I need Jebran to stay here.”

“Yes, ma’am!” they both replied enthusiastically. Finally something to do beside their everyday duties for once! They decide to check around the edges of the village for clues.

[Gather Information: Weak]
[Gamemaster’s Apprentice: Scatter: down to the right]

“Overseer Mira, I’m afraid we weren’t able to find any tracks leading away from town due to the rain we had overnight. However, we found some chicken feathers to the southeast. It makes sense because that’s the easiest way out of the valley. Mennah and I discussed it and if you will allow us, we’d like to get to the bottom of this. If we hurry we may be able to find the culprit within a couple days.”

“Yes, please do! Assuming, of course, you don’t have more important duties…?”

“This is important! I will swear a vow even!” Replies Mennah. Fanir nods in agreement.

[Swear a Vow: Weak]

Fanir puts a hand to the amulet sewn to his tunic while Mennah pulls her amulet out, wrapping her hand around it and swear to find out who or what has been taking the chickens and put a stop to it.

“Good. Be off then; time is of the essence, is it not?” Mira asks rhetorically.

Tracking the Thief

[Undertake a Journey: Forgot to roll this so using weak vow]

“Troll’s balls!” exclaims Fanir as mile after mile passes and no sign of any tracks to follow. At least it wasn’t raining and the clouds had mostly cleared. As the sun drops below the western ridge, they decide to make camp.

[Make Camp: Strong]

The following morning Fanir and Mennah awake to continued clear skies. Their hopes are lifted by the idea that they ought to find some signs soon.

[Undertake a Journey: Strong + Match]

Mid-morning their luck changes as they find a camp with still-warm embers and a few chicken feathers, but no bones or other signs that any of the chickens had been eaten.

“Someone is carrying this chickens somewhere and haven’t chosen to eat any. Strange.” Mennah states, pursing her lips in thought.

[Ask the Oracle: Varou or Human? Human]
[Gamemaster’s Apprentice: Scatter: to the right]

“Look! I found human tracks leading that way.” says Fanir pointing east.

To the east the ridge of their valley was now much lower than before. It would still be a tough climb, so after having a snack and drinking from their flasks they set off again.

To be continued…