[I don’t know how well this will fit here, since it is strictly speaking not set in the Ironlands. I came across Ironsworn and thought is was a great way to play out the adventures of legendary characters the PCs in my homebrew campaign might hear about]

Roja is a young forester living in a quiet coastal village called Mourncrain. When news arrive that his brother Sarda, a sailor, had not returned from a missive by the elders, Roja insists they send someone to find him. The elders refuse and offer their condolences, but he is enraged by their words.

“Morons, Cretins, all of You! He parted on your orders, It is your job to get him back!” He grips his dagger and, seeing fear flare up in their eyes, swears that he will find his brother and return him home safely.

The village elders call upon the guards to constrain him. “You, Roja, have questioned our wisdom and threatened our lives and thereby shown that you are a threat to our community. You will return to your home and pack your belongings. From sunrise tomorrow you will not be seen in this community until seven seasons have come to pass.”

With his sling, his spear and a pack of rations, he leaves his parents home before dawn. First he would have to find a boat that can bring him to the island of Saaremaa, where his brother had been sent. After a journey on paths mostly familiar to him, he approaches the outskirts of an expansive settlement. He notices two Fisherman haggling for the price of repairing a damaged boat. They tell him that mysterious shadow creatures have been seen in the bay, striking holes into boats from below. They clearly have their own problems, and nothing he can help with.

He decides to wait for dusk and steal one of their boats for his journey. Unseen he unties a boat and slides it into the water. He makes it out onto open water before he must realize that he grabbed one of the damaged boats in his hurry, which is now slowly but steadily sinking. [strong hit on face danger + shadow, then miss with a match on start journey] He jumps into the water and swims to shore, but as he looks back he sees a dark ghostly figure pulling at the boat, breaking planks out of it. Then something pulls on his cloak. He unties it to free himself, and reaches shore.

He’ll have to spend a night cold, wet, and without a coat between the huts, for there is not even a tavern for him to stay at. He slumps down and prays that tomorrow will bring him better luck.