Through the window, the mid morning light fell upon Talan’s tired body in his bed. Last night’s trek and Delos’ story meant Talan did not feel the softness of his bed until near dawn. With a groan, Talan sleepily blinked his eyes open. Exhaustion felt like a lead weight upon his body.

Talan thought about Delos’ story. The woman had been Delos’ wife. Many years ago, she was with child, but was taken by a sickness that struck Ravenstead. Her favorite flower was the Seer’s Eye and he had grown the flower upon her grave. Delos had fallen asleep then and Talan barely made it to his bed before sleep claimed him.

Delos was absent again when Talan got up from his bed. With seemingly little to do, Talan used the time to recuperate while doing some chores around Ravenstead.

Sojourn: 6+1 vs 5,8 = Weak Hit

Along the way, Talan refilled his flasks of water and his packs of food. He also asked the people in Ravenstead bout Delos’ wife, hoping to get more insight into his teacher.

Gather Information: 2+3 vs 7,2 = Weak Hit

The others in the settlement had differing reactions to Talan’s inquiry. Almost all of them had confirmed that Delos’ wife died during a time when sickness struck Ravenstead. However, some suggested that Delos killed his wife and his unborn child to ward himself against the sickness.

Unsure what to believe, Talan returned to the cottage. When Delos staggered in drunk again at night, Talan decided that tomorrow, he would go to the Seer’s Eye meadow and ask from the source.

When Talan awoke the next day, he called for Kalaram and made his way through the forest and into the meadow of Seer’s Eyes. As he waited for sunset and night, Talan refilled his flask of water at a nearby stream.

Resupply: 5+3 vs 2,10 = Weak Hit

As the night fell, again the faint blue mist settled upon the Seer’s Eyes. That creeping sensation came with it and Talan allowed himself to give into the sensation. As before, the faint blue outline of a woman appeared as she visited each Seer’s Eye with tender care. 

Talan cleared his throat and called out, “Hello!”

The woman turned and floated to Talan, “Hello… again… Why… have you… come?”

“I have questions and I hope you would be willing to answer them,” explained Talan.

Compel: 4+1 vs 9,10 = Miss

Pay the Price: 44 = A new danger or foe is revealed.

“Questions? Questions… for me? So… curious…  so… many… questions… Just… like… him!” 

The blue glow of the woman shifted in a flash to a dark sickly red. The meadow that once seemed welcoming transformed into a pit of blood-stained eyes, each turned toward Talan. The soft voice grew louder with maddened tone.

 “Delos! Why have you come back?! Why did you kill me and our child?! I was a fool to trust you! So afraid of death, were you?! Let me give you a taste!”

The vengeful spirit lunged at Talan.

Enter the Fray: 6+3 vs 10,2 = Weak Hit

Talan, on reflex, struck out with his staff. 

Strike: 3+2 vs 7,8 = Weak Hit

Instead of passing through the spirit as Talan expected, the staff struck the spirit solidly in the chest. The white glow of carved runes lit the darkness.The spirit let out a shriek. The screech pierced Talan’s ears and seemingly into his mind. Talan shut his eyes and tried to focus some something, anything else but the high pitched spike into his mind.

Face Danger: 6+2 vs 6,7 = Strong Hit

A raven’s caw rent through the shriek as Talan felt a weight settle upon his staff and he could suddenly focus again! Kalaram perched defiantly atop the staff. Grateful for Kalaram’s help, Talan felt that trickle of a connection to Kalaram he had as a child widen. Through the widened connection, Talan quickly asked Kalaram to attack the Seer’s Eyes lying in the meadow behind the enraged spirit, hoping that the protective nature of the spirit toward the flowers would be a good distraction for an escape. Kalaram took off and flew straight through the spirit toward the flowers.

Secure an Advantage: 4+3+1 vs 2,6 = Strong Hit

As Kalaram snatched flowers and pecked at the eyes, the spirit quickly turned and followed, “My children!”

Talan turned and ran into the forest as fast as he could.

Face Danger: 2+2+1 vs 2,5 = Weak Hit

The forest brush crunched under his heavy foodfalls as Talan ran. Looking back over his shoulder, the glow from the meadow faded. Uncertain if the spirit of Delos’ wife could leave the meadow, Talan did not stop. As he turned forward, he saw the flash of a hanging branch.

Pain and the darkness took him next.