List of Denizens

Type (All / None)
Area (All / None)

Basilisk (Beast, Official)
Bear (Animal, Official)
Bladewing (Animal, Official)
Boar (Animal, Official)
Bonewalker (Horror, Official)
Briar Rose (Horror, Fan-based)
Broken (Ironlander, Official)
Chimera (Horror, Official)
Common Folk (Ironlander, Official)
Deep Rat (Animal, Official)
Elder Beast (Beast, Official)
Elf (Firstborn, Official)
Flint (Ironlander, Fan-based)
Frostbound (Horror, Official)
Gaunt (Animal, Official)
Giant (Firstborn, Official)
Giant Eagle (Beast, Fan-based)
Harrow Spider (Beast, Official)
Haunt (Horror, Official)
Hollow (Horror, Official)
Hunter (Ironlander, Official)
Iron Revenant (Horror, Official)
Leviathan (Beast, Official)
Mammoth (Beast, Official)
Manipede (Beast, Fan-based)
Marsh Rat (Animal, Official)
Mystic (Ironlander, Official)
Nightmare Spider (Animal, Official)
Primordial (Firstborn, Official)
Raider (Ironlander, Official)
Salt Lobster (Beast, Fan-based)
Sodden (Horror, Official)
The Riven Crown (Other, Fan-based)
Tristran Siggry (NPC, Fan-based)
Trog (Animal, Official)
Troll (Firstborn, Official)
Varou (Firstborn, Official)
Warrior (Ironlander, Official)
Wolf (Animal, Official)
Wyvern (Beast, Official)