Truths of the Ironlands (drawing on the setting from the Symbaroum RPG)

The Old World

When the war with the Darklords was finally over there was nothing left but death and blight. Most followed the child queen Korinthia to the unknown lands north of The Ravens. However some of us sought a new future far away over the seas, choosing a fate free of dark magic and feudal overlords.


The weather is bleak. Rain and wind sweep in from the ocean. The winters are long and bitter. One of the first settlers complained, “Only those made of iron dare live in this foul place”—and thus our land was named.

The Ironlanders brought the knowledge of mining and crafting iron with them, the first in this land to posses this ability.   



Other humans sailed here from the Old World untold years ago, but all that is left of them is a savage, primitive people we call The Broken.

  • The ancients-now-broken were a bronze age people, ruins of their once great civilization lie scattered throughout the Ironlands
  • Their ruin was caused by:  corrupted by their own magic? cursed by the firstborn? grew too numerous for the meagre resources of the Ironlands to support?



Much of this accursed land is untamed and we are few in number. Most rarely have contact with anyone outside their own communities, called circles. These are settlements ranging in size from a steading with a few families to a few towns of several hundred. Some circles belong to nomadic folk. Some powerful circles might include a cluster of settlements. We trade (and sometimes feud) with other circles. Newcomers are a source of news, trade and entertainment; they are warmly welcomed but forging true bonds of trust takes time.



Leadership is as varied as the people. Some communities are governed by the head of a powerful family, or they have a council of elders who make decisions and settle disputes. In others, priests or teachers hold sway. For some, it is duels in the circle that decide.

In the recent past some leaders have built petty domains, gathering circles under their sway and seeking ever greater reach. The people of the Ironlands came here to escape overlords and tensions brew across the lands.



Here in the Ironlands, supplies are too precious, and the lands are too sparsely populated, to easily support organized fighting forces. When most communities are threatened, the people stand together to protect their own. However wandering mercenaries named Wardens hire on to serve a community or protect caravans where needed.

A warband far greater than other settlements can muster has been turning their might towards more than self defence.



Magic is to be feared, only darkness and corruption can come of it.

(But maybe it’s the way forward regardless?)



The gods abondoned Alberetor to the Darklords, many have abandoned them. Yet some who came to the Ironlands were outsiders or cultists seeking a new beginning free from persecution… or observation.



Many fey creatures: sprites, elves, changelings, ogres, trolls and goblins dwell in deep forests or high mountains. Their attitudes range from curiosity to fiercely protective of their own lands. Most Ironlanders view them with fear or suspicion, but some see them as potential allies or enemies.

  • harmed by iron
  • alliance/resolution of conflict as a theme / goal? 



Monstrous beasts stalk the wild areas of the Ironlands and sometimes prey on our small pockets of civilisation.



Nothing but stories to frighten children. But lately stories of blighted people and beasts have become more common. Has the corruption of the Darklords followed us?