Haf and the wolf sleep long with overfull bellies, but travel on in high spirits once they rise. Haf feels they must be coming to inhabited lands soon. He has not decided what his course will be once they strike a settlement, but he makes regular stops during their travels to survey the horizon for signs of human life.

[Secure an advantage +wits: weak hit, +2 momentum, +1 momentum from Wayfinder]

[Undertake a formidable journey: strong hit, reach a waypoint (5 progress), +1 momentum from Wayfinder]

[Oracles – location: hill, descriptor: lush, is the location connected to a settlement (50/50)? Roll = 52, result = yes]


Chartopia settlement generator 

Settlement Name: Long hill

Settlement Descriptor: Broken, fertile – built on ruins of ancients 

Settlement Trouble: Debt comes due – Stormhold gave aid to start fields, have sent troops to reap 

Settlement Leader-Role-Goal: Mona – Agreeable Warrior – Create an item (fortifications, fianna?)

Other Actors: councillors 

Pemba – Aggressive Trader – Find redemption (pushed for alliance, now regrets)

Kataka – Stealthy Artisan – Protect the status quo (has done well, hides wealth)

Abram – Stern Farmer – Avenge a wrong (he as family in circle treated poorly, or they left to resettle here)