PREVIOUSLY: Roarke and Sola say their goodbye’s to Ishana after breakfast, and decide they need to set a faster pace than they have been traveling. They soon run across a river. They discover a fallen tree in which they hope to cross. As Sola is crossing the Sodden makes an appearance Yara jumps up on the tree and begins to bark to create a distraction. Sola manages to finish crossing, but a swipe at Yara has caused her to lose balance and she has fallen into the river and is swept away by the current. Roarke super stressed manages to barely cross just as the Sodden returns to try and grab him. He has an emotional break, but with Sola’s consoling he picks himself up and the search for Yara starts.

Note: I’m going to retcon just a bit. I feel like Roarke would have swore a vow to find Yara, and that finding the scratches on the bank would have been a milestone. So before this session starts I’m going to make Swear an Iron Vow at Troublesome, and mark progress.

After crossing the river and falling to his knees Roarke grabs the old iron family relic around his neck.


Swear an Iron Vow to find Yara 1 (Action die) + 2 (Stat) + 1 (Adds) = 4 COMPARE TO 5 & 6 Miss. Face a significant obstical. -2 Momentum.

Note: The above significant obstical we will handle in the below session.

Session 6

Roarke and Sola continue to head down stream looking for further sighs of Yara

I know she is alive! I can feel my bond with her surging stronger than ever.

Sola turns to Roarke

“We WILL find her!”

A bit further down stream a faint bark can be heard

Roarke and Sola look at eachother with excitement.


“That has to be her”


Roarke and Sola begin to jog along side the river edge which now appears to be widening, and they can see Yara, alone on a small island if you can even consider it one. More like a few large smooth stones piled together

Milestone for vow Find Yara. Mark Progress

As Roarke and Sola get closer they realize there is a significant obstical in their way to rescue sola, the Sodden is in the knee high water looking at Yara

“Wait, we can’t get to her with the sodden there.”

I don’t have a choice, I can’t and wont leave her there.


I don’t have time for thinking Sola. I have to save her.

ATO does Sola have a plan? D100: 14 Yes

“Wait I have an idea!”

Roarke turns to Sola and his eyes and ears perk just a little

Well, what is it?

ATO what is Sola’s plan to save Yara? Character Goal Roll: 22 Results: Harm a rival. Theme Roll: 16 Results: Innocence. Action Roll: 73 Results: Deliver.

Without another word, Sola, pulls her bow and begins to walk further down river

Roarke begins to watch intently

Sola begins to look around and finds a rock above the edge of the river which should provide good cover from the Sodden, She pulls the bow up and stables her feet shoulder width apart. She reaches to her side mounted quiver of arrows and pulls one out. She lightly kisses the fletching and nocks the arrow back. She slightly closes her offhand eye and holds her breath

Enter the Fray 6 (Action die) + 3 (Sola Wits Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 9 & 9 Miss Pay the Price x2 doubles Roll: 45 Results: A new danger or foe is revealed. Roll: 32 Results: Something of value is lost destroyed. **Note: I thought I would also roll on the Major Plot twist table just to confirm my thoughts. Major Plot Twist Roll: 78 Results: Someone or something goes missing.

Roarke turns to view the Sodden to see what is about to happen, he hears a slight yelp as he hears the arrow let loose, it hits the water about a foot to the right of the Sodden and skips off the surface a few times before going into the water

The sodden turns to the splashing of the water and then turns around toward the direction in which it came

Roarke joins the sodden by looking in the same direction.

A dark shadowy figure has wrapped his arms around Sola, one arm around her waist and the other arm covering her mouth, he is pulling her back off the rock that she had positioned herself on

Roarke sees the Sodden emerging from the water below the rock Sola was on. Water dripping down its wet body, but the Sodden is the last thing on Roarkes mind, and he turns his attention back to Sola

Sola is struggling with the figure, it jerks her back with great force and her right arm flails and she drops her bow

Roarke yells and begins to run towards Sola


Roarke pulls his axe from its carrier, and unsheaths his knife with the other hand while running towards Sola and the Figure

Sola attempts to plant her feet on the rock and push off to make the figure unstable and free herself at the same time

Secure and Advantage 1 (Action die) + 3 (Sola Wits Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 4 COMPARE TO 5 & 5 Miss Pay the Price Roll: 18 Results: Your action has an unintended effect.

The figure notices what Sola is trying to do and pulls her to the left just as she pushes off. The figure uses her own momentum against her regains control and is now pushing her down the rock and just out of view of Roarke

Roarke rushes around the rock and sees the figure pushing Sola towards the woods about 20ft ahead of him

Roarke winds back with the knfie in his left hand and throws it towards the figure

Enter the Fray 1 (Action die) + 1 (Edge Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 2 COMPARE TO 7 & 10 Miss Pay the Price Roll: 36 Results: The current situation worsens.

The knife stabs deep into the tree as the figure passes just before it, continuing into the shadows with Sola

Sola slams her head back trying one last desperate time to escape the situation

Turn the Tide Strike 6 (Action die) + 2 (Sola Iron Stat) + 1 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 10 & 7 Weak hit +1 harm to broken.

The figure suddenly lets go and yells as Solas head slams back into its nose and mouth, and blood begins to flow from them


The figure lets go and stumbled back a few steps

Sola for the first time gets a look at her attacker which from her knowledge as a scout she can tell is Broken. Crazed eyes, Painted skin, scavenged clothing.

The Broken turns to the sound of pounding footsteps coming from behind him, he quickly pulls a crude sharpened rock with a cloth wrapped handle one might consider a knife and slashes as Roarke

Clash 1 (Action die) + 3 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 4 COMPARE TO 8 & 5 Miss. Pay the Price-1 health Endure Harm 6 (Action die) + 5 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 10 COMPARE TO 5 & 8 Strong hit -1 momentum, +1 health.

Roarke steps to the side just as the Broken swipes at him

Sola runs up behind the broken and attempts to shove the broken

Aid ally Secure an Advantage 6 (Action die) + 3 (Sola Wits Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 10 & 7 Weak hit. +1 momentum, Roarke gains Initiative.

The broken caught off guard stumbles to the ground infront of Roarke

Roarke wraps his offhand alongside the battleaxe and raises it above his head

Strike 6 (Action die) + 3 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 5 & 5 (Doubles) Strong hit +3 harm to Broken. End the Fight 10 progress COMPARE TO 9 & 4 Strong hit.

Roarke slams the battleaxe down across the back of the neck and shoulders of the broken


As the Broken slumps all the way to the ground gurgling on his own blood

Sola pushes off the ground and Roarke stretches out a hand to help her up

Sola looks up to meet Roarkes eyes sincerely

“Thank you, I… I don’t even know what to say.”

It’s okay, I’m just glad I was able to get to you before it got you too deep into the woods.

Roarke with blood splatter across his hands and legs, reaches down for his axe, and with a jerk pulls it from the upper body of the Broken, and with a hallow pop blood begins to gush from the wound

In the distance Yara can be heard barking ferouciously.

I think I know how we can get Yara back.

Roarke points to the “Broken” body

ATO Names (all races) Rolls: 5 (Varou names), 19 Results: Tana Character Role Roll: 60 Results: Artisan Character Goal Roll: 56 Results: Protect a secret Character Descriptor Roll: 80 Results: Vengeful*

Sola begins to shuffle throught the tattered clothing and finds a piece of paper, and she begins to unfold it.

“All I found was this piece of paper, I think its a letter.”

Well what does it say?

“I don’t know exactly. most of it is not readable. What I can read says Dear Tana, and the rest appears to be runes that the Varou use. Whatever it is it can’t be good, The writer was pressing so hard in the paper they nearly went through it with most of their strokes.”

I’m assuming this is Tana? Why would the Broken have a letter from the Varou?

“I don’t know, but maybe we can find someone to translate it in Mournebrook?”

That sounds like a plan. You grab Tana’s Legs and I’ll grab his upper body. Maybe the Sodden will be satisfied with this long enough for us to get Yara back…

Sola folds the note back up and puts it into her pack

Roarke goes to the tree nearby and gets his knife and sheaths it

Sola leans down to grab his feet and Roarke Puts his arms under the arms of Tana and they lift the body up, they start slowly making their way back to the rock Sola had been on before. They place the body of Tana near the ledge

Okay, Sola go down by the shore a lil further down stream. When I shove Tana off into the water and the Sodden comes for it, Yell for Yara. Hopefully she will understand and swim to you.

“I hope so, I don’t know how much more excitement I can take for the day”

Me either…

Sola walks a bit further down stream and shes watching Yara bark at the Sodden who seems to be taunting Yara to enter the water

Roarke sees Sola in place, he places a foot onto Tana and pushes his body off into the water

Tana’s body makes a loud splash as it hits the water. The Sodden quickly turns and submerges itself into the water. Seconds later it lundges out of the water grabbing Tana’s body



Yara turns attention to Sola and starts to head to the edge of the water, but stops just shy of the bank


Yara growls and barks a bit, and touches one paw to the water

Roarke yells


Yara enters the water and starts to make her way across the river, the current is much slower here but it is moving her down towards Sola

Face Danger 4 (Action die) + 3 (Yara Heart Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 7 COMPARE TO 6 & 8 Weak Hit. -1 spirit Endure Stress 6 (Action die) + 3 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 9 & 7 Weak hit Press on.

Yara manages to swim across when she reaches the bank of the water she jump up onto Sola who is knocked back by the actions. Yara begins to lick Solas face

“I’m so happy to see you YARA!”

Sola begins to pet and rub Yara who is soaked

Roarke runs up to greet them both, he crouches down to Yara who shakes splattering soggy dog water all over Roarke and Sola


“Me either im so glad she’s safe”


Roarke begins to pet Yara despite her being wet

Milestone Yara Safe Fufill Vow to find/save yara 9 Progress COMPARE 10 & 6 Weak Hit +0 xp

Forge a Bond with Sola 1 (Action die) + 2 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 3 COMPARE TO 1 & 7 Weak hit. + Bond Pay the Price Roll: 47 Results: A new danger or foe is revealed.

This experience so far has braught us much closer

Sola looks up to Roarke

“Yes I thought I was never going to see either of your again”

I agree, we need to find out what is in that letter when we get to Mournebrook, it may be someone who is out to get you or get you to get to me…

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