Recently, a bear has been seen hunting the flocks in Highcairn.  My uncle thinks it would be good training for me to hunt it down and help the people of Highcairn.  He has advised me to go to the most recent shepherd and get more information to try and track down the bear’s lair.  So, I went to see Yorath and asked what he could tell me. He was quite happy to see me and said I reminded him of his own son when he was my age. He put his arm around my shoulders and brought me to the site of the last attack. I looked around and started to gather information.  As I looked at the prints on the ground, there seemed to be more than one animal.  Perhaps this is a couple of bears that are attacking the sheep. I tried to see if I can track the animals further from the field.  I tracked them, but the tracks split off in different directions.  I decided to follow the tracks that were smaller so that I can get rid of the easier one first.

     I checked my gear and set off into the hills. I followed them through the woods and though some parts were tough to see, I came to a clearing