For this session, we wanted to Delve a site. Having discovered an iron mine during one of our previous adventure, we chose this site and randomly selected the ‘Ancient’ theme.

Shona, Jihan and Griff are summoned by Garth, one of Redwatch village elders. Garth informs them that the iron mine they have discovered some time ago has been exploited recently by a small group of half a dozen miners. But then something happened: one of the miner came to Garth earlier this morning, saying that the mining parting discovered evidences of former exploitation of the mine, then some of them fell into a pit. Two of the miners died from the fall, while two others were badly injured. He was the only one to make it out slightly bruised, and undertook the day-and-a-half travel to Redwatch to seek help with Garth.

After hearing from the situation, Shona, Jihan and Griff swear the iron vow to Explore and Clean the iron mine.

Jihan is the main contact with Garth, so he takes the lead on the Swear an Iron Vow move, and gets a Weak Hit.

Jihan is clearly annoyed by the situation. He remembers fighting a lot of Harrow Spiders in this damn mine, and is really upset at the idea of having to go back there and fight more of these deadly creatures.

The trip towards the mine is easy: the characters know the way, the have helped buoy it, and the cart tracks that brought the miner and all their equipment are still fresh. Upon arrival, the found the two injured miners lying at the entrance of the mine. Considering their wounds, the absence of care and the three days that have passed, are they still alive?

Ask the Oracle 50/50 for both of them. One of them is alive, the other one is dead.

Shona bends over the two minors. The one who’s still alive is feverish and unconscious. Using herbal remedies, she attemps to heal him.

Heal move using the benefits of the Herbalist asset. Strong Hit. The miner will regain consciousness in an hour.

“This one will leave, but he’ll need some time to recover.” Looking at the last miner, she adds: “Stay here and watch after him”.
The miner nods, relieved to know he won’t have to return to the depths. In the soil he draws a quick map of the tunnels they have already explored. Five hundred meters, not much and a lot at the same time.

The three characters engage in the mine. The first 500 meters are easy and soon, they arrive at the pit.

Delve the depth move with a strong hit. It starts well… A feature roll says “preserved corpse” and a roll on the Find an Opportunity table indicates “You locate a secure area”.

At the bottom of the pit lies the two deceased miner bodies, on top of two other bodies: one of them is oddly well preserved, while the other one is a mere collection of bones so old they look like fossiles. As the surviving miner said, a small one-room, troglodyte house is carved in the wall next to the pit. Griff leading the way, he actually discovers that this room has another exit that allows the cross the pit safely. They all continue to progress carefully.

Delve the depth ends on a Miss. It’s time for something dangerous to happen. I roll a 36 for Dangers and check the Domain card.

The players arrive at a huge cavern filled with water. They literaly are on a small piece of rock flanking a huge pond of water. Griff looks at his reflexion on the water, flickering from the flame of his torch, and finds his own face to be blemish, with protruding eyes. Before he could realizes what is really happening, two cold, clawed hands reach for his ankles from the water to try and pull him into the water.

Everyone roll to Enter the Fray +shadow, surprised by this sudden attack. It’s a Weak Hit for Griff and Jihan, but a Miss for Shona.

While Griff tries to steady his footing and regain his balance (+2 momentum), Jihan plundges forward with his dagger in hand to slash at the Sodden’s wrist.

Strong hit on a Strike using the advantage provided by his Trickster asset, gives a 4-harm to the creature.

Shona tries to catch Griff to help him regain his balance but she’s surprised by the attack and let go both of her torch and spear. She’s pretty much useless at this point.
Having regained his balance, Griff commands his young wyvern Baku, which was able to follow them up to here, to attack the revenant. Baku dives, its claws tearing a large piece of flesh from the sodden’s decaying body.

It’s a Weak Hit on the Strike move, 3 harms are inflected by the wyvern but Griff loses initiative.
The fight continues and, at some point, one of the character gets a Miss along with a match on the challenge dice. The oracle says that the ‘current situation worsens’.

The fight continues and although our three heroes manage not to get hurt, Jihan promptly dodges the sodden attack. However, he accidently rams into Shona’s legs who tumbles over him and fall in the water. Striving to come back on solid ground before attracting the sodden’s attention, she manages to get back on the rock and recovers her spear in the same movement. While Griff is still struggling with the revenant, Shona ends the fight by plundging her spear in the creature’s torso.

The relief is brief, for they realize that the stream that was feeding the pond is suddently turning into a torrent, and the cave is flooding in the blink on an eye. The three of them retreats prompty.

When they are out of danger, panting, Shona realizes that her dive in the water has wasted some medicinal herbs (-1 Supply). Griff spends some time apeasing his wyvern, so Jihan takes the lead of the party. Using stealth and discretion, he ventures to find an alternate way, which he finds in a large, hidden crack back into the troglodyte house.

Weak hit on Delve the Depths, Jihan chooses to Find an Opportunity, and roll a 13: “you find a hidden path”.

Following this patch, large enough for the young wyvern to walk into, Jihan, Griff and Shona arrive on a rocky cornices overhanging a large cave.

For some reason I can really remember, I roll for a Danger on the Ancient theme card: “Denizens revere an ancient power”.

Down below, a group of twenty people are gathered, obviously conducting a ceremony lead by an elderly priest. They are praying before a gigantic statue of a spider in a language our heroes don’t understand. Judging by their outfits, the large band of shaved-hair on top of their head, and the intricate tatooes they wear on their face, styling the paws of a spider, the party is probably facing a group of Broken.

They wait patiently until the ceremony is done and all the cultist gone. Only the old priest remains.

I roll on the Character descriptor,disposition and goal oracles: ‘disabled’, ‘cooperative’ and ‘travel to a place’.

Creating a diversion with his raven, Jihan gets Shona to be the focus of attention. Shona walks her way quietly down to the improvised temple, in a display of peaceful attitute and reverence.

“I mean no harm. I come in peace. I hope my presence is not disturbing the sanctity of this place.
– It is not, answers the elderly.
– I came with a group of miners exploiting the iron ore on the surface. We didn’t know this place was occupied.
– Come closer. And bring your friends with you, for I can sense you’re not alone here.”

A Strong Hit on a few Gather Information and Secure an Advantage moves lead the elderly to some confessions.

The elder priest tells that his kin arrived in this place a decade ago, following a vision he received from the Great Weaver. Recently he had received another vision, the once of his last residence, where he should train his successor. His people will have to move. If the party wants to continue exploring the mine deeper, they may do so in exchange of the solemn vow to escort his people to their new place.




Please note that I have omitted several moves, simply because I couldn’t remember all of the rolls we’ve made during the game. This is an abstract summary.