1930, city of Abon. These events take place a long time after the first ironlanders stepped on the lands.

One evening, Tahir was walking down the main street, under a pooring rain. Cold as a first night of autumn, Tahir gets into his loved Jazz bar, looking for some good time and rest. But at the entrance he noticed the guard is not very happy as usual.

  • Guard ( in a very sad tense ) “Hi Tahir, come in, the show has already begun”
  • Tahir ” humm ok, is everything ok?”
  • “…. yes” in a quiet voice

Tahir continues his way in, the cold was almost hurting his neck, he jumps inside.

Take a seat near the stage, order his classic Old Spirit and listen to the pianist. After a time he looks around the place

[ SECURE AN ADVANTAGE + wits Challenge dice 9,2 Action 1+2 Weak Hit your advantage is short-lived. Take +1 momentum.]

He sees everyone looking odd, but he doesn’t really understand why, he turned around and notice Zanita. She’s an old lady, she’s around every night almost. Tahir decides to talk to her

  • Tahir “Hi Zanita, may I sit with you?”

[ SECURE AN ADVANTAGE + heart Challenge dice 6,5 Action 6+1 Strong hit . +2 momentum]

  • Zanita “Sure, have a seat, how are you ? Enjoying the show?”
  • Tahir “Yes, but the atmosphere is strange today…”
  • Zanita “After what happened I’m not surprised”
  • “What?”
  • “Jaggar has been murdered”

Jaggar, the overseer of the city. Murdered? That’s impossible… but wait. He was a hard defendant of democracy, and people rights, … Tahir head is becoming confused, wondering where to stand on this. As the room becomes quieter, the pianist leaves the stage and the presenter announces the next group in 15 minutes, some agitation near the bar. Tahir noticed a group of men, dressed in black surged into the bar pushing the customers around, he can hear one shouting.

  • “Beers, for all of us. barman. quick”

They start to make a mess around. Tahir tries to understand, see if anythings stands out in these men…

[ SECURE AN ADVANTAGE + wits Challenge dice 10,2 Action 3+2 Weak hit . advantage is short-lived +1 momentum]

He notices a logo on their shoulder, he knows this one, searching his memory, he now remembers “White army” they are called. An armed military that doesn’t support the current government, I heard also that this organization is looking at more extremist measures to keep the city “safe”. His thoughts are short lived, one of them noticed Tahir is looking at them. He comes closer.

  • “What are you looking at ? You need help ?”
  • “Leave our bar quiet please, music and nice is playing tonight”
  • (turning to others) “Arg, hey look at this young man, it seems we are bothering him.” And he laughed loudly

The mod is now aproaching Tahir, with a will to enter a fight.

[Ask the oracle is fighting? likely / 81 (!) ]

They are clearly here to fight and not for the music… hands on their knifes…

[Enter the fray group of troublesome = dangerous
action 6+1 / challenge dice 8,2
weak hit]

Tahir takes the innitiative and doesn’t leave these guys the time to prepare, jumps on the first guy in front of him, knife ahead

[strike 1+1 / 5,6 miss]

Tahir misses his target and fell on the floor next to the first guy

[ clash 6+1 / 7,8 weak hit]

As the guy jumps on Tahir he manages to inflict harm with his knife to the big guy

[pay the price Roll: 33 Results: The current situation worsens.]

As the first guy fell and rolls, the three others race to help on the situation and attacks Tahir

[clash 1+1 / 1,4 weak hit]

one them is hit by Tahir knife [mark harm] , but [pay the price/ Something of value is lost or destroyed. ] his knife is broken when he tries to attack again, hitting the floor and it’s broken in several pieces. Tahir faces a step back, tries to move back and protect himself behind a table and looks for a weapon…

[Secure advantage + edge / 4+3 / 1,2 strong hit]

Tahir jumps behind a fallen table, looks around him, a young lady looks at him and pushes on a floor a kitchen knife. Tahir prepares himself for the next guy jumping at him… and jumps to him

[Strike +edge (jumps at)  / 3+1+3 vs 5,6 strong hit]

Tahir reaches this guy throats in an artistic in the air movement. He stands on his feet while the guy fells on the floor. Inflict +3 harm

[ end the fight (progress=10) / 5,9 strong hit]

One guy is killed but the two others flee out of the bar.

Tahir stands here, lost. “What just happenened?” “what is happening to Abon”

And he stands here facing the mess, “I will find out”

[swear a vow 4+1+1 vs 3,10 weak hit]

Tahir : “I don’t know where to start…”

-end of chapter 1