Greybeard, although that was not his name then, is awoken one night by the screams of the townsfolk. He rushes outside, telling Ciara to stay out of sight, but through the darkness can see nothing. He hears the screams of his fellows as they fall around him. A combination of fear and realisation that he couldn’t help drove him back inside, where he discovered that Ciara had been snatched through a window.

Greybeard screams out into the night, vaulting through the window himself. He tries to find her in the dark but cannot, all the while his friends die around him. Greybeards final words to Rhoda were that he would keep their little girl safe, and he has failed. 

Steeling himself, he vows to see off the enemy attacking his village, and protect the villagefolk.

Greybeard glances around, and from the tracks left behind discerns which way to head. He finds one of the broken, screaming and attempting to set fire to a neighbours house. Greybeard engages.

Greybeard strikes the Broken hard, too hard, leaving himself open. The broken swings his burning torch, but Greybeard is able to riposte. A final strike sees the Broken to the floor.

As Greybeard makes hie way towards the sounds of more fighting, his wife Rhoda steps around the corner. She is dressed and painted similarly to the Broken, clearly now one of their people.