Farina has been ordered to investigate strange occurrences in and around the Blackhome Ruins. The ruins are near the main “road” that connects the village to it’s main sea port to the southwest. They are just inside the Deep Wilds. There have been reports of “sightings”, strange lights, shadows and firstborn monsters. Initially these stories were brushed aside as the talk of caravaners that had had one too many, but then the cargo, supplies and livestock of the traders began to go missing. Now, two caravan guards and the young son of a merchant went missing. It’s time for the Wardens to start looking into this.

Brynn is assigned as Farina‘s partner. She is a large, strong woman who doesn’t say much. She’s not too bright either, but solid in a fight. As far as traveling companions go, it could be worse.

They set out first thing that afternoon and make good time. (undertake a journey, weak hit) The path is clear and well travelled, if somewhat narrow and muddy. By evening they arrive at the Trollbones  – the skeleton of a long dead troll so the story goes. It looks like it could just be clearing on a small hill in the forest, but the fact that it’s free of any vegetation lends some credence to the legend.