Mila arrives to Highcairn, just to discover that there’s been an incident at the iron mine: one of the tunnel collapsed and a group of miners is trapped inside the mine.

A rescue expedition is organized, and Mila takes part in it. In spite of her gigantic size, she manages to progress with the rest of the rescue party until they arrive at a point where a huge beam is blocking their way. Using strength, Mila opens the passage but it’s then definitely blocked for their wayback.

A little further away, the rescue party arrives at a crossing, and takes the wrong way, wasting time. When they finally realize their mistake and engage on the proper way, a suspicious smell forces them to turn off the light from their lanterns.

Advancing in pitch darkness, Mila realizes that she feels very uncomfortable in confined spaces. They finally arrives to a crumbled rocky wall, behind which the trapped minors are. Suddenly, the floor collapses under Mila, who fails to stop her fall by catching the edge of the pit, hurting her wrist badly. She climbs the pit up painfully, aggravating her wrist injury. Finally, the trapped minors are set free, and the whole group retreats to the blocked passage.

Mila, injured and exhausted, can’t reproduce her physical deed from earlier, and the minors have to find another way up to the surface.

Upon reaching the exit of the mine, Mila is thanked by Giliana, the settlement leader, and taken to the longhouse for healing.