Following the Mammoth,  I also looked for signs that the Giant was still riding the Mammoth.

Ask the OracleIs the giant still riding the Mammoth?

D100: 80
Ask yes/no

  • Likely: Yes

Ask the Oracle: Are they still headed toward Greymoor?

D100: 55
Ask yes/no

  • Likely: Yes

I had spent all my life in Greymoor and its surrounding area studying.  I considered where I could position myself between the Giants and the village itself.

Secure an Advantage

(Action die) + (Adds) = 6


Major Plot Twist

Roll: 32
Results: Someone returns unexpectedly
Ask the Oracle: Can I see the Giant and the Mammoth?
D100: 54
Ask yes/no

  • Almost Certain: Yes
  • Likely: Yes
I climbed a high tree,  one I had climbed many times.  Reaching the top,  I looked around for the expecting to find the Giant and the Mammoth.  I did,  but looking past them,  Someone riding a horse that sped toward the two.  
I recognized the horse,  and more importantly its rider.  It was my Uncle Delka, Warden of Greymoor.