It all started on what was otherwise fun day playing fetch with my faithful hound, Creek. 

There was a sudden commotion from the center of the village.  A majority of the villagers were surrounded around a young man who was not much older than myself. I knew Griff normally would be working on his family’s farm.  If Griff was here,  something was wrong.

I moved my way closer so that I could hear what was going on,  and Creek followed at my heel.  It was apparent that Griff and had run all the way from his farm,  normally half a day’s journey from the Town Square.  Griff had to take several moments to catch his breath before he was finally able to speak with intelligibly.

“G-g-GIANT!”  Griff finally said.

The crowd became a mixture of fearful voices.

But Griff wasn’t done.

“Riding a Mammoth!”  He shouted.  “The two of them destroyed my farm!  There is nothing left!”  Griff’s family farm was known for several crops that the village of Grimmoor counted on to feed it’s people.

“I ran here, to get help.  I fear the amount of damage they can do if not stopped!”  Griff continued.  “The Wardens need stop this”.

I suddenly felt the despair of the entire village.  We depended on the Wardens for protection,  as well as keeping the peace among other villages.  My uncle Delka,  was Warden of Grimmoor. 

But no one had seen Delka,  or any of the Wardens, for that matter, for months.

After several moments of fear, despair,  and confusion, the crowd finally started looking at me.  All at once.  It was known that Delka was my uncle,  and that he had been training me to become a Warden like himself. 

I wasn’t ready to become a Warden.  Not yet.  Or was I? There was no one else could do this.  This Giant and his Mammoth could destroy and take everything my people had.  

(Swear an Iron Vow)

2 (Action die) + 2(Stat) + 1 (Adds) = 5

5 COMPARE TO 2 & 4

Strong hit

With the entire village surrounding me,  I knelt down to Creek,  ruffled his ears,  and whispered words Delka had taught me.  Both Creek and I bowed our heads, while I to the gather crowd, 

“I am  Talan,  and I will put an end to this rampage.  I will protect Grimmoor,  it’s people,  and it’s land.  I swear it”