I asked Griff if he was willing to lead me to where he last saw the gigantic duo.

COMPEL  6 (Action die) + 2(Stat) + 1 (Adds) = 9

9 COMPARE TO 4 & 1

Griff,  despite his fatigue,  was willing to lead me in the right direction.  Creek also used his senses to help me sniff out the Mammoth.


3 (Action die) + 3(Stat) + 2 (Adds) = 8

8 COMPARE TO 10 & 3

By the time we found the first Mammoth foot print,  Griff was exhausted and unable to continue.  He had been travelling for most of the day.  Thankfully, we were near his farm,  and while his crops were destroyed,  his house remained.

Creek and I said our goodbyes to Griff,  and continued to follow the tracks.