Location: Flooded Lands  (6,065.00)
Settlement age: 20
Population: 60
Population split by race:

Humans: 100%


The circle flees from their settlement when disasters arrive. This is no large matter, as the wooden stilted houses rot easily in the murky bog, lasting barely over 20 years before succumbing to decomposition. The Ironlanders have been in the local area for all of their recent generations, restarting their settlement whenever necessary.


A warden based in the nearby settlement further north comes by once a season to offer trade, since this other settlement is built atop a rare patch of higher ground. Otherwise the circle keeps to itself.

Population split by occupation:

Majority foragers; a handful of retired, maimed/corrupted free wardens


1 Storehouse, many Stilted Dwelling Houses, 3 oversized flat-bottomed boats with shack (Single family)

Specificities & Resources:

bog iron (No trade value, mystical or superstitious properties, the beguiling ghostlights, normally drawn to the warmth of the living, are deterred by clammy bog iron); Has ready access to fish, dead petrified wood.


A small and inaccessible settlement of hardy Ironlanders in homes standing on stilts over the fetid wetlands. Because of the dead land poisoned by salt water, there are no farmers. Most fish and forage, making their way among the waterways on flat-bottomed boats propelled by long poles. One family digs through peat for bog iron—a cold, wet, grueling task. The iron coins here are smaller and misshapen, yet are moist in even the most arid locations enough so to provide a drop of water. A number of knowing ravens live in coexistence with this circle, feasting on the fish and gloomy affect of the Ironlanders, and perhaps waiting for their deaths.

Drives & Plots:

Nearby is an abandoned, half-sunken iron Temple of the Old Gods, but the people are reticent revealing who or what might be hiding there. Even so, the people are unwilling to leave the area as if shackled to the temple.

Quest Starter: Every winter rising flood waters threaten to overwhelm Ravenstead and its neighboring circles. Escape by boat is the only option, but there are few boats, scant provisions, and many people. What’s more, there is something hungry in the water, waiting to feed.