Location: Ragged Coast  (14.41)
Settlement age: 40
Population: 300
Population split by race:

Humans: 95%

Varou: 5%


Situated at the end of a peninsula of jagged rock 100 meters up from the frigid waters of the fjord, a 4 meter tall rock wall protects them on the land bound side.


Varou Occupiers

Byna (Varou Commander) Remorseful, Influential, Stealthy

Rebel Council

Elani (New Arkesh Trader, Rebel council) Male Old, Insightful, Stern – Required Mira humiliate one of his enemies and sabotage a rival.  Later had Kathos beaten for lying to him about her identity, prompting her to create the Pendry Identity.

Ithela (New Arkesh Warden, Rebel council) F Wants to enrich themselves Greedy, Incompetent, Oppressed – Blackmailed her into supporting the council

Ishana (New Arkesh Artisan, Rebel council) F Wants to Protect a person Generous, Sick, Loyal – Recovered her half elven daughter, Sutahe. Is Tahuta the father?

Kione (MAD New Arkesh Raider, Former Rebel council) M Wants to Advance status Aggressive, Stealthy, Oppressed  – Challenged them in the circle to a no iron duel in which I ceeded initiative.  However, he became possessed by my mother’s spirit during the fight.  She was eventually driven out, but his mind was destroyed.

Morter (New Arkesh Raider, Rebel council)  F Wants to gain knowledge – Stubborn, Cowardly, Cunning – Kione’s replacement on the council

Emelyn (New Arkesh Mystic, Rebel council) M Wants to Harm a rival. Ironsworn, Manipulative, Charming – Sent me out to deface Varou clan markings near New Arkesh where I learned that they and the Varou themselves are much more mystical than I had suspected

Population split by occupation:

Artisans 10%

Broken Raiders 5%

Farmers 15%

Fishers 50%

Merchants 5%

Varou Warriors 5%

Wardens 10%

Population split by families:

270 Human (20 families)

15 Varou (Occupying force)

15 Broken (Raiders)




Sea stairs



Specificities & Resources:

Protected, Inaccessible, Cold

Drives & Plots:

Conflict with the First Ones (Varou of the Kvata Clan)

Cursed Past