Location: Havens  (4,966.00)
Settlement age: 70
Population: 27
Population split by race:

Humans: 100%


The small settlement of Herdrock sits upon a hill surrounded by relatively fertile grazing fields. It is surrounded by a sturdy wooden palisade which is meant to keep predating animals out and the livestock in during the night. Since the settlement is small and lacks anything overtly valuable aside from the livestock, defenses against fellow Ironlanders were no concern in the construction and upkeep of the circle.


The circle is ruled by the assembly of family elders. While all families have a voice, two of the five families carry significantly more influence due to their deep roots in the settlement and past achievements respectively.

Population split by occupation:

Most are farmers and shepherds, one family is well versed with carpentry, and a father-daughter duo are the local smiths.

Population split by families:

Five families, anything from 2 to 8 heads strong.


Small to medium sized steadings, a forge at the edge of the single cliff, shelter for the livestock, a big gate to get whole herds at once in and out of the settlement.

Specificities & Resources:

Outside of the comparably fertile land surrounding it and the herds, not much of interest seems to be found here.