Location: Deep Wilds  (18.43)
Settlement age: 16
Population: 4
Population split by race:

Humans: 100%


None, apart from the inhabitant weapons


Shared. All decisions are made by Glenn,  Bastien and Khinara

Population split by occupation:

2 Hunters (Bastien, Mai)
1 Woodcutter (Glenn)
1 Mystic (Khinara)

Population split by families:

1 extended family (Glynn, Bastien, Mai)
1 outsider who settled permanently (Khinara)


1 three-bedroom cabin with large living room

Specificities & Resources:
  • Woods
  • Rare mushrooms and plants


Greenclearing has been founded by one extended family made up of Glynn and his brother Bastien, along with Glynn’s pregnant wife Solana. They were young adventurers coming from the west coast looking to open a trade route for wood back to their hometown on the coast. After a few days of travel through the woods, they arrived to a nice clearing where Solana’s water broke. She gave birth to their son Mai but was too weak to continue the travel, so the family decided to build a shelter for the family to halt.

Slowly, the shelter grew into a place the whole family called home and the shelter turned into a cabin. Groups of explorers from the coast would cross the refuge from time to time, and found an hospitable family and a comfortable place to pass the night.

When Mai was 5, the boy and her mother went mushroom picking when they were attacked by a wild boar. Solana defended her child but was badly injured by the animal. It took several days for her wounds to become infected, and by the time Khinara, a mystic herbalist arrived to the settlement, it was too late to save her.

Khinara, who had passed Greenclearing several times to pick herbs and mushrooms, took upon herself to raise Mai and stayed with his father and uncle. The little boy slowly turned towards his uncle to learn the art of hunting and tracking, while listening to “auntie” Khinara to learn as much as he could about plants.

Drives & Plots:
  • Keep on going peacefully

Characters of note:
Denizens of note: