Location: Flooded Lands  (62.68)
Settlement age: 132
Population: 1
Population split by race:

Humans: 100%


Ghostwalk is protected by the magics of its occupants and the diligent force of Wardens.


Ghostwalk is governed by a shaman. This shaman is responsible for protecting the settlement from the horrors of the night and teaching the occupants about magic.

Population split by occupation:

Wardens: 10%

Fishermen: 65%

Hunters: 15%

Merchants: 10%


Mainly small wooden abodes situated on stilts. The shaman’s house is also serves as the town hall.

Specificities & Resources:

Mainly fish or other creatures found in the Flooded Lands. Basilisk scales, although hard to obtain, are worth it for their magical properties and tough material.