Location: Hinterlands  (55.30)
Settlement age: 30
Population: 150
Population split by race:

Humans: 100%


Well-armed populace

Tall fence of wooden spikes

Powerful hunting dogs


Ruled by the matriarch Scilla Turren, seeking to pass down the position to her niece, Salla Turren. The Turrens founded Boarwood, and have governed it since. Scilla is the second matriarch, preceded by her mother Siira.

Scilla leads the small council of family heads, with each family’s respective matriarch or patriarch, the oldest in the family, representing them.

Population split by occupation:

70% hunters

10% tanners

10% builders

10% miscellaneous

Population split by families:

1.5% Siggry (Led by Tristran Siggry)

3% Eddas (Led by Byrna Eddas)

5% Dannes (Led by Cory Dannes)

10% Bellen (Led by Lyra Bellen)

10.5% Allois (Led by Detta Allois)

15% Turren (Led by Scilla Turren)

22% Cassey (Led by Elric Cassey)

33% Perren (Led by Hallor Perren)



8 homes, 1 per family

10 storehouses

4 hound kennels, all belonging to Tristram


Specificities & Resources:

Game meat

Animal skins

Tanned hides



The settlement of Boarwood is scarcely thirty years old, and ever since it’s founding, it has subsisted solely on hunting and gathering. Everyone in Boarwood knows how to hunt. Most of them hunt the boars which give the settlement it’s name, although some of them focus on other prey.

The Turrens hold their position as the leaders of Boarwood, and continue to do so to no complaint. They lead fairly, hunt well, and protect their people. The families of Boarwood have stayed the same, all of its inhabitants the relatives and descendants of the first seven families who founded the settlement. Some families grew, especially the Perrens, while others, such as the Eddas and Dannes, shrank. The only exception is Tristran Siggry, formerly a man of Thornhall, who defected to Boarwood with his hounds after rejecting the cruel ways of his original folk.

Drives & Plots:

While life in the Ironlands as a whole is difficult, the settlement of Boarwood is not particularly beset by any great issues. The problems of the place are few, and are listed here:

  • Rumours of Elgyn Cassey, second son of Elric Cassey, being a bastard. The father is rumoured to be one of the Perrens.
  • Lucien Bellen, firstborn son of Lyra Bellen, gravely injuring Catya Dannes, third daughter of Cory Dannes, in a hunting accident. The incident has led to tension between the families.
  • Hanna Perren, firstborn daughter of Hallor Perren, being struck by illness. She suffers from fever and shortness of breath, and is unable to hunt. Some say she’s been cursed, although none can figure out a reason why.
  • The raiding settlement of Thornhall continues to send its mad hounds to Boarwood’s hunting grounds in an effort to drive them away, or steal their kills.

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