Location: Veiled Mountains  (8.07)
Settlement age: 75
Population: 20
Population split by race:

Humans: 95%

Elves: 5%


Relies mainly on Wardens for defence in the event of a direct attack . Has natural cliffs to the west and attacks from the other directions are rare as the Warbands of the Frost Haven circle patrol those.


The westernmost town of the Frost Haven circle and like all towns within is run by the priesthood as the individual priests and priestesses see fit, disputes between themselves are resolved with duels.

Population split by families:

Priesthood of the Old Gods (Temple) : 3

Elven Hermitage: 1

First farming family: 4

Second farming family: 6

Longhouse family: 3

Dwelling House family: 3



Temple of the Old Gods

2 Farms



Dwelling House (Single family house)

Elven Hermitage

Food shop

Specificities & Resources:

On friendly terms with the local Elves

Has ready access to wood and fish


Blight Bridge was originally founded by local Elves on the cliffs above Fisher’s Cove – a translation of their name for both the town and the nearby natural harbour. With the coming of the Ironlanders they cared for the first arrivals from the Old World. The humans constructed additional buildings for shelter. The population of the town declined naturally as the Elves and Humans went their separate ways, having found better ways than fishing to feed themselves. If this trend continues the town will be deserted within a generation.

Drives & Plots:

Local warden Erik has recently passed away

A primordial recently ran through town causing unseasonally high snowfall

Denizens of note: