PREVIOUSLY: Roarke and Sola manage to give enough information about the lost caravan to the guards of Longstead gaining access to the village. They are greeted by a friendly scout named Ishana. She shows them around town and buys them dinner at the local bar. They have a great dinner and good conversation in which we learn a little more about the hermit Sayer. She then invites them to stay with her in her cottage near the northern fence of the village. Roarke and Sola find themselves alone in a room with one bed which they managed to awkwardly share for the night.

Session 5

The next morning

Roarke yawns as he struggles to open his eyes. This bed was much more comfortable than the ground he had slept on the night before. He notices a slight weight to his chest as he tries to focus in. He sees blonde wavy curls strewn about his chest


Sola lifts her head off Roarke’s chest as she squints to open her eyes, realizing where she is she quickly jump up to the edge of the bed

“Oh hey, uh I uh…”

Roarke just as confused sits up looking for something to break the tension in the room

It must have been pretty cold last night.

“Yeah I guess your right”

Sola leans over to slip on her boots and begins to get dressed.

Roarke hops up and sits down at the table and begins to put on his boots and get ready for the day ahead. He pulls out a bit of jerky

Yara crawls out from under the edge of the bed and begins to whine and grumble

Yara sit.

Yara quickly moves towards Roarke and sits and balanced on her back legs with front paws off the ground

Good girl, Yara.

Roarke hands the bit of jerky to Yara, who quickly scarfs it down.

I’m going to head out to the main room and let Ishana know we will be on our way shortly.

As Roarke opens the door the smell of breakfast hits his nose

“I’ll be out in a minute”

Sola continues to get dressed and gather her belongings

As Roarke closes the door behind him he sees Ishana standing over a small cooking area

It smells wonderful but you really didn’t have to.

Ishana turns around to face Roarke

“I trust you slept well”

a smirk crosses Ishana face

Indeed, was much more comfortable than the ground would have been.

“Indeed, breakfast will be ready in a few more minutes have a seat.”

Roarke moves over to the table and sits down.

We will be headed out after breakfast we really need to get to Mournebrook as soon as possible.

“I just wanted to make sure you guys were fully prepared for travel today. I’ve also made you a small pack of food for your journey”

You really didn’t have to do that.

“After a wonderful evening I’d consider you guys my friends, and I’d hope that you’d consider looking me up next time your in the area. ”


Sola opens the door and enters the main living space holding Roarke’s pack

“If your ever around Highhope please don’t hesitate to stop in.“

Ishana nods

“Of course… please have a seat breakfast is ready”

Ishana turns to the table with a bowl of eggs and a plate of bacon

The three, four with Yara, sit at the table and have some more small talk until they finish breakfast

We really should be on our way

Sola stands up and proceed to put on her pack

“Thank you for everything”

Roarke stands up and puts on his pack

Yes, thank you!

Ishana walks up to both and hands over a small pouch

+1 Supply

They say a quick goodbye and head out the door, they quickly head south toward the main gate, as they approach the gate they thank the guards for allowing a safe place for the night and start heading northwest towards Mournebrook.

I think it would be a good idea to pick up the pace a little.

“Yeah that sounds like a great idea. We can take advantage of the great night of sleep we had.”

Yeah well I know you slept well…

“And you didn’t? Seems like we both slept pretty well.”

Yeah, I guess I did

They begin moving at a faster pace than the previous day

Undertake Journey Roll + Wits. 5 (Action die) + 2 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 7 COMPARE TO 4 & 6 = Strong hit. Mark Progress -1 Supply. ATO Location Roll: 73 Results: River. ATO Theme Roll: 73 Results: Memory. ATO Action Roll: 53 Results: Begin

After several hours pushing northwest through the woods they come across a river

As soon as the river comes into view Yara begins to bark and growl

Easy girl, she really doesn’t like the water.

Sola looks concerned

“Can you blame her, water isn’t a good sign for us. The Sodden remember?”

Damn, your both right! We either need to find a safe way across or go around it.

“A river this big could go on for awhile.”

We can’t just wade through it either though.

As they get about 30ft from the riverbed the hair on the arms and necks of both Roarke and Sola are standing straight up

Yara stops and isn’t getting any closer she’s not even barking now it’s between a whimper and a growl

Roarke leans down to soothe Yara

Easy girl. We will figure this out.

Sola begins to look up and down stream

ATO is there a way to cross the river? Rolls: D100: 37, Likely. ATO Location Descriptor Roll: 9 Results: Broken

“Looks like upstream there may be a tree that has fallen across the river. Maybe its large, and sturdy enough to work?”

Looks to be the best option let’s go take a look.

They head in the direction of the fallen tree

ATO is the tree large, and sturdy enough to cross? Rolls: D100: 34, Likely.

“Looks like it should be easy enough to cross. There is moss in a few spots so we will need to be careful. ”

I don’t know if we are going to be able to get Yara across. I may have to carry her.

ATO is the tree touching the water? Rolls: D100: 06 l, Yes

Sola looks determined

“This is our only chance unless we want to spend the next day or longer hoping there is a way around it, for all we know this river could lead into the Deep Wilds”

Your right! So how do you think we should handle this?

“I’ll cross first, then I’ll call Yara, if we can’t get her to come to me then you’ll need to carry her across. ”

Well if I’m going to have to carry her, you think you can handle my pack as you cross?

“Yeah actually that not a half bad idea I’ll use the pack to balance as I cross.”

Roarke removes his pack and hands it to Sola

Sola grabs a large sturdy branch and proceeds to tie the packs on each end

Secure Advantage 1 (Action die) + 3 (Sola Wits Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 4 COMPARE TO 6 & 6, Miss, Pay the Price Roll: 24 Results: Something of value is lost destroyed. -1 Supply.

Roarke attempts to help Sola steady the branch across her shoulders. As she settles and becomes steady the branch snaps. Solas pack falls to the ground and pops open. The small pouch that was given to them by Ishana rolls out and down the riverbed and into the water were it is whisked away by the current.

“Damnit, I thought that would have worked well.”

Bad branch? Maybe we should find another?

Sola frustrated

“No, we need to get this done.”

Sola secures the opening to her pack and puts it on her back. She then picks up Roarke’s pack and puts it across her front.

“This will have to do…”

Okay let’s do it

Roarke helps Sola up onto the tree and she slowly starts to make her way across

Face Danger 4 (Action die) + 2 (Sola edge Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 6 COMPARE TO 7 & 8, Miss Pay the Price Roll: 33 Results: The current situation worsens.

Roarke watched as Sola takes step after step crossing the tree

Yara starts barking, Roarke notices the Sodden raising out of the water next to the tree

Sola watch out

Sola looks to her left just in time to see the Sodden reaching up the tree for her foot and moves it just in time

Face Danger 3 (Action die) + 2 (Sola edge Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 5 COMPARE TO 7 & 7, Miss Pay the Price Roll: 13 Results: You are separated from something or someone.

Yara jumps up onto the tree and begins scurrying across barking and growling at the sodden

Yara NOoooo!

Yara ignores the command and continues running towards Sola and the Sodden. She continues to bark as she gets closer the Sodden turns attention towards her, allowing Sola to finish crossing the tree

Sola frantically starts calling

“Yara come here girl, come to me!“

The Sodden takes a swipe. Yara leaps back in just enough time to avoid the impact from the Soddens clawed hand, but her back legs loose footing and she slips off the tree and down into the swiftly moving water.

Roarke screams


Sola scream as well

“Oooh Nooo!”

Roarke and Sola begin running down stream trying to keep Yara in their sights on opposite sides of the river

Yara barks and tries to swim towards Sola, but the water is pretty strong

ATO does Yara make it to the bank of the river?Rolls: D100: 83, Unlikely. ATO is the water to fast to keep up with Yara? Rolls: D100: 29, Likely.

The water is just too fast and Yara is swept away and out of sight


Roarke drops to his knees and emotionally breaks down

-1 Spirit Endure Stress 4 (Action die) + 4 (Supply Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 8 COMPARE TO 8 & 5, Weak hit, press on

Sola yells over the rushing water

“Roarke we will find her, but for now you need to get across the river. ”

Roarke wipes a single tear off his cheek before it gets down to his beard and stands back up. He makes his way back to the tree

I don’t see the Sodden.

With sincere eyes Sola replies

“I hate to say it but it’s probably following Yara down the river, don’t let that be in vain get over here quickly.”

Roarke jumps up onto the tree and begins to steadily walk across the tree

Face Danger 6 (Action die) + 3 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 9 COMPARE TO 5 & 10, Weak hit -1 Spirit.

“Roarke Watch out!”

Half way across the tree Roarke notices the sodden emerging from the water as he quickly scurries the rest of the way.

Endure Stress 1 (Action die) + 3 (Stat) + 0 (Adds) = 4 COMPARE TO 9 & 8, Miss -1 Momentum.

Roarke collapses to the ground and begins to shake

Sola runs to his side and wraps her arms around him

“It’s going to be okay, I can feel it, she made it. We will find her.”

Roarke takes another moment and rises to his feet


ATO does Yara hear Roarke? Rolls: D100: 89, Unlikely.

Roarke takes a moment, hears nothing and yells again


Roarke pauses for a moment and hears no reply

Sola begins to yell as well


Roarke begins to walk down river, and Sola follows, they continue to yell for Yara.

The search continues for a little over and hour

ATO does Yara hear their calls? Rolls: D100: 94, Small Chance. ATO have they come across any evidence of Yara? Rolls: D100: 64, 50/50

Sola notices a small scratch in the riverbed just on the edge of the water

“Hey look, there is small scratches here along the water…”

Roarke runs up to investigate the marks

Gather information 2 (Action die) + 2 (Stat) + 1 (bond with Yara Adds) = 5 COMPARE TO 1 & 2, Strong hit +2 Momentum.

This is Yara, I know it. She struggled to get onto the bank, but got swept away. Let’s keep moving down river.

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